Friday, January 11, 2008

The Hidden Secrets of Affiliate Marketing

Discover the hidden secret behind affiliate marketing! This is the fastest, easiest, most profitable way to make money online! One of the most important aspects of affiliate marketing that is over-looked -even by some of the best marketing minds on the internet - is using affiliate marketing to build your customer list! Notice, I didn't say PROSPECT.

You don't want to build a Prospect list, you want to build a Customer list!!

Too often people get caught up in the "I gotta make money NOW!" that they forget that these prospects can turn into long term cash flow (CUSTOMERS). If you pick up any eBook on affiliate marketing, every single one of them talks about "the list" you should have, but very few talk about how to build "the list".

Unfortunately, most affiliate programs that I've come across are what's referred to as "filter-feeder affiliate marketing". Basically, you throw out the link to your affiliate product and hope for the best. Using this method is what I call working harder and not smarter. Oftentimes, if your lucky, you get the sale and make some money, but then your back to square one. Rinse and repeat.

You see, successful affiliates know the SECRET to making long term income. It's in the follow up with prospects, so that you can remind them of the offer and present them with new ones. In filter-feeder marketing there is no follow up by the affiliate. But if you could somehow capture the leads before you send them on to the company site, then you could stay in touch with your PROSPECTS, turning them into long term CUSTOMERS.

Therefore, this is the more advanced affiliate way to do this:

1. Run an Ad

2. Direct the prospect to contact you, the affiliate

3. You, the affiliate captures the name and email

4. You, as the affiliate sends the prospect to your affiliate link

5. The prospect may or may not buy anything

6. You, the affiliate follows up and continues to pitch the product

7. Results: More Customers

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