Friday, January 25, 2008

Are You Getting Your Share Of Affiliate Profits?

Many millionaires have been made through the use of affiliate products. And millions of dollars worth of affiliate products are bought and sold every day on the Internet. Are you getting your share of affiliate profits? The affiliate products that you decide to promote can have a major impact on whether or not you make money.

Before recommending an affiliate program, you should research it thoroughly. Ideally, you should test out the product yourself. However, sometimes this is difficult, especially if you are just starting out and have not yet made any money.

It is important to recommend the highest quality products to your site visitors and subscribers. If you can't test out the product personally, you can go to one of the large forums. Digital Point and Warrior Forum are 2 good places to start your research. Both of these forums have areas where you can learn about various affiliate products.

Go to the forums and check out postings regarding the affiliate product you are considering. Look for comments about it. If there are negative comments by a number of people, drop the product from consideration. No amount of profit is worth the potential problems of a product that has numerous complaints. It is the easiest way to turn your subscribers into non-subscribers.

If there are no postings on the product you are researching, start a new thread and ask if anyone has some experience with your product. Tell them that you are considering using it as an affiliate and you would appreciate feedback. I have always found forum members to be very helpful in this regard.

By doing this type of research before recommending an affiliate product can save yourself lots of problems and allow you to maximize your income. A little research upfront can save you lots of aggravation later. Do you want to learn more about making money online? Get my free ebook on how to make money every day!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

How To Make Money With AdSense

"How to make money with AdSense" is one of the most popular topics in Internet marketing forums and the subject of many books and special reports. Its popularity isn't surprising given the extensive coverage of AdSense in mainstream newspapers and magazines as well as the program's importance in driving Google's every-growing advertising revenues. Website and blog owners can't help but perceive Google AdSense to be an easy way to make money online.

While it's true that adding AdSense a web page is trivial — all you do is paste some JavaScript code that Google generates for you — learning how to make money with AdSense — especially how to really make money — is decidedly non-trivial. Like anything, it takes time and effort. There are no overnight successes with AdSense.

The key is to know what to work on. Four factors come into play:

  1. Traffic. By far the most important factor is how much traffic you can drive to your pages. After all, you only make money when visitors click (or in some cases view) the ads shown on your pages. If no one's visiting your site, you won't make any money. If you want to make more money with AdSense, you need more traffic. (That traffic should be targeted, too, otherwise smart pricing will kick in and reduce your earnings.)
  2. Niche. The niche you're targeting also has a huge effect on your AdSense earnings. You need to target niches where advertisers are actively seeking customers: if there are no advertisers, you won't make any money. The simplest test you can do is to search Google for related keywords and see how many ads appear in the "Sponsored Links" section on the right-hand side of the results page. If there are few or no ads, that's a sign that the market's not a big one and probably isn't a great choice for monetization via AdSense. (But you may be able to monetize it in other ways.)
  3. Content. AdSense is all about content. It's not about search results. It's not about random collections of scraped data. There's a reason why AdSense users are called publishers: it's because they publish content. You need great content on your pages, written for humans and not search engines. Content is what's going to keep visitors on your site, looking for the information they need. The longer they stay, the more chance they'll click an ad.
  4. Optimization. Many AdSense publishers spend too much time trying to optimize their pages when they should be spending their time on getting more traffic and writing more content. Luckily, many AdSense optimization techniques do double duty as search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. Concentrate on the basics, like:
    • Blending ads by removing borders and matching colors.
    • Positioning the ads in the "hot spots" of a page.
    • Choosing the right ad formats.
    • Tracking performance with channels.
    These and a few other techniques can make a dramatic difference in your earnings — but only if you have enough traffic.

Note that even a poorly-optimized AdSense site can make its publisher a lot of money if draws a lot of traffic with quality content in a competitive niche. Don't place too much emphasis on AdSense optimization.

There are no secrets to earning money with AdSense. You just need to learn the right things. Take the time and effort to learn how to:

  • Drive traffic to your pages.
  • Find and exploit profitable niches.
  • Create valuable content.
  • Optimize pages for AdSense and SEO.

Master these skills and you'll know exactly how to make money with AdSense!

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How to Use Google AdSense to Make Money

There is more to knowing how to use Google AdSense to make money than just placing a few Adsense blocks on some of your websites. That is fine if you want to make a few dollars a month from your website for little effort, and get a $100 check sent to you every now and again, but not if you want to make more substantial money than that.

If you are designing a site specifically for Adsense, you must first find a suitable niche with good keywords that people are paying substantial amounts for in the Google Adwords program. That is because it is the Google Adwords adverts that are used by Google on your Adsense site. If there is a fair number of high cost clicks in your niche, then you have a good chance of these appearing on your website.

Be prepared to design a decent website that people are going to want to visit, since adsense or not, it will be difficult to get your website listed on Google if your site has a low level of relevance to the search terms, or keywords, used by people using Google for their search. There is little point in using Google Adwords to advertise a site monetized only with Google Adsense! If you are selling popular products, then the Adsense might just pay for your Adwords campaign, but it is very unlikely. The best combination is a reasonably expert site, with some products or services offered, and also some Adsense blocks.

Some pages on your site could consist of articles with accompanying Adsense blocks, and others of sales pages offering your products or services without the distraction of Adsense. You should not place Adsense on your sales pages or squeeze pages because that will distract visitors to your page, and once they click on the Adsense ad, they will be off. Adsense should ideally have a page to itself, where it doesn't matter if the prospect leaves or not. By then you should have offered them your opt-in page.

Your niche rarely matters since most niches have a range of high and low prices. What matters is designing a page round each of the keywords you want to use. Once you have a list of keywords - say 20 or thirty plus, then enter each one into it

To find the better Adsense keywords, enter your keyword into the Google KeywordToolExternal and check the Adwords prices the tool provides you with. Do that with each of your keywords and select those that cost most. Your income per click will be related to the cost per click paid by the advertiser. Once you have selected your keywords, then write information pages based on each of the keywords, and optimize each page for the relevant keyword.

It is important that your visitors see a professional looking website, containing useful content and information. Offer some products if you can, and if your visitors do not see anything they want they will have the option of clicking on an Adsense ad. Hence you can make money in two ways. You visitors will prefer it that your site offers more than just a page full of adverts as many Adsense sites do.

Google, however, are slowly working their way through such websites and dropping them from the listings. This will not happen to your site if it provides good content relevant to the keyword of each page. At least this is true unless you are copying content, in which case your web page might never see the light of day. Many web pages are generated automatically by software that can be generating exactly the same pages for other users as it is for you. You should write your own content or have it written for you by a professional ghost writer that will not offer your work to anybody else.

If you follow the above advice, then you will have a better chance of making money from Adsense. However, if you really want to know how to use Google Adsense to make money, then the secret is in duplication.

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Friday, January 11, 2008

The Hidden Secrets of Affiliate Marketing

Discover the hidden secret behind affiliate marketing! This is the fastest, easiest, most profitable way to make money online! One of the most important aspects of affiliate marketing that is over-looked -even by some of the best marketing minds on the internet - is using affiliate marketing to build your customer list! Notice, I didn't say PROSPECT.

You don't want to build a Prospect list, you want to build a Customer list!!

Too often people get caught up in the "I gotta make money NOW!" that they forget that these prospects can turn into long term cash flow (CUSTOMERS). If you pick up any eBook on affiliate marketing, every single one of them talks about "the list" you should have, but very few talk about how to build "the list".

Unfortunately, most affiliate programs that I've come across are what's referred to as "filter-feeder affiliate marketing". Basically, you throw out the link to your affiliate product and hope for the best. Using this method is what I call working harder and not smarter. Oftentimes, if your lucky, you get the sale and make some money, but then your back to square one. Rinse and repeat.

You see, successful affiliates know the SECRET to making long term income. It's in the follow up with prospects, so that you can remind them of the offer and present them with new ones. In filter-feeder marketing there is no follow up by the affiliate. But if you could somehow capture the leads before you send them on to the company site, then you could stay in touch with your PROSPECTS, turning them into long term CUSTOMERS.

Therefore, this is the more advanced affiliate way to do this:

1. Run an Ad

2. Direct the prospect to contact you, the affiliate

3. You, the affiliate captures the name and email

4. You, as the affiliate sends the prospect to your affiliate link

5. The prospect may or may not buy anything

6. You, the affiliate follows up and continues to pitch the product

7. Results: More Customers

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Selecting The Right Product And Merchant To Affiliate

As both an affiliate marketer and product owner I see a lot of good and poor merchants who are looking for you, the affiliate marketer, to represent their product. Read on for tips and signs of a good product and product owner to represent as an affiliate.

Download the ebook version of this if you like which contains resale rights. You may sell the book version of this for whatever you think it's worth keeping all links and material intact.

Where to Find Products

Well, as an author and product owner obviously I'd like you to pick me , I even have a large collection of books and software I've either written or acquired with resale rights so you can own them outright and start your own collection of products for which you may wish to utilize the talents of affiliate marketers, but if I want to find another product to represent, first, I'll check with those people with whom I have established a relationship. Not finding a suitable product for my marketing needs with them I may check my Clickbank storefront and do a search for the type of product for which I'm looking. This is also a quick way to get a start as a free version is also offered.

Although an owner of a Pro Storefront myself, I admit to enjoying searching for and marketing individual products as well as writing my own. The next place I'll look is the Paydotcom market place. Both Clickbank and Paydotcom offer free signups for affiliates. Finally last but not least, I'll check Payloadz merchants who have affiliate programs.

Now that you know where, let's move onto some additional questions.

Are You Interested in The Product?

If this is your first affiliate product pick something you're interested in yourself. People buy for emotional reasons and later on figure out logical reasons why they bought. It's much easier for you to be excited and discuss the benefits of a product you're interested in and people will sense your excitement!

Anyone who has known me more than one day knows I'm a martial artist. I'll discuss the benefits of martial arts training all day to anyone who will listen. People take martial arts for fitness, self-defense, weight loss ... well, you get the idea.

If this isn't your first product and you want to find a popular product my storefront shows the number of downloads. Another way to find popular products is to open up my Submission Sites Clickable ebook, go to the list of article submission sites (a good free way of marketing) click on a site to open the web page and see what topics on which marketers are writing articles.

Does The Product Fit Your Website?

Even though I love martial arts, if I'm selecting a product for my education subindex or Steve Weber's full time pet supply site, I'll need to select a more appropriate product or, since domain names and web space is so cheap now, just start another website.

Will The Product Sales Page Help You or Hurt You

Look for leaks. A leak is a chance a prospect may click off the sales page without ordering a product for which you'd be paid. An example of a leak is my own sales page for my Affiliate Page Maker.

Why do I have leaks on my own product page? It's a $2.00 product with resale and giveaway rights. I can't feed the family on that too much unless they upgrade or order one of the other products. Notice the 2.00 order link takes the prospect to a page showing the difference between the $2.00 version and the enhanced version, thus helping the guest see the advantages of the enhanced program. This is referred to as an upsell.

Here's an example of a page designed to target martial artist interested in increasing their striking power Notice the testimonials with a final one from a female champion near the order link who read my book. I ask for an optin via my self-defense tips newsletter. The only leak is the search box at the very bottom. Since I have such a huge website, I'd rather people stay on my site instead of the search engines.

Look for multiple order options. let's say for example someone is trying to sign up Paydotcom affiliates You look at the sales page and discover the merchant is offering a Clickbank order option on the same page. That means there's a 50 - 50 chance of you, as an affiliate, being paid for your work.

An exception to this rule would be my Paypal Order Form Maker which, like the Affiliate Page Maker offers a cheap promotional resale rights version of the program. As long as the purchase link inside the program will give you credit if prospects buy the full version later on this will help you and not hurt you. Something I recently started doing to make my affiliates are paid is to offer custom resale rights versions to anyone who has ordered the full version with my affiliate's link right in the program he or she sells or gives away.

Is There Contact Information?

A few years ago I decided to attempt to increase my affiliate base by going through the Clickbank Market Place and contacting the merchants. My plan was to become their affiliate and give them my affiliate information in exchange. What I discovered was a severe lack of contact information on these pages. Some of these pages didn't even have offers for newsletters, also known as ezines which is short for electronic magazine. Based on that experience I wrote What Does a Good Sales Web Page Need? Most merchants still don't have contact information, but those that have newsletters will often respond to their readers. I'd say I'm about 95% successful in receiving emails back from merchants by subscribing to their newsletters and emailing them from there.

Why else do you want to subscribe to their newsletters? To check for leaks in the newsletter itself! It won't help you even if you have a one year cookie like Paydotcom if the merchant's newsletter offers payment directly to Paypal.

Are There Affiliate Tools Available?

I really don't see this from merchants as much as I'd like to, but articles, book covers and email templates do make an affiliate's business easier. Naturally I've done my best to provide tools for my affiliates. Any articles I've written can be changed by my affiliates to their affiliate link using software I've written. My index page of my products produced by my HTML Indexer can be copied and pasted into emails with my affiliate's link and any graphics or covers for my books and software can easily be taken and used by my affiliates.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Best Strategy to Make Money with Affiliate Programs

If your goal is to make $1,000 from the internet in just one month, what methods and strategies are you going to use? Can you achieve it? Here is what I'm going to tell you, the best strategy to how you can make $1,000 with affiliate marketing.

Many people wanted to make money online, and when they come across to affiliate programs that earn them only $5 per sale commission, they will think "This is just not worth the effort". Frankly, it is just a small amount. However, what if I say that if you can get at least one sale per day? This means that you can make $5 everyday after setting up your affiliate program. You will have an extra stream of income from the net, and if you add up all the commissions at the end of month, you will find that it will be a huge amount of money.

Therefore, this is what you need to implement. The idea of creating small money, which add up to become big money. I admit that you will have to put the same effort into your affiliate programs no matter how much you are going to make. But bare in mind in this, many people always underestimate the power of small amount of money. In fact, most of the internet marketing gurus who make millions of dollars start from small business. It is just that they think big. If you are going to make $1,000 in just one month, it will be easier for you if think it this way, "To make $33.33 a day". Compare with "To make $1,000 in one month", making small amount of money will be easier.

Talking about this, you will have to focus in smaller goals if you want to achieve massive success. For example, if you want to make $10,000 in one year, it will be easier if you break this goal of yours into smaller pieces. Just like you set it to become making $834 each month. This will definitely sounds much easier to achieve.

Here is a story of an online marketer who makes a living barely from the internet. Just refer him to as John. He created all his wealth from learning to set smaller and more realistic goals. John made his fortune when he found out that it is easier for him to make $5 per day than making thousands of dollars overnight. What he did was that he created a lot of mini-projects, each earns him $5 per day, and of course, sometimes far more than that. Don't get it wrong here, I'm not asking you to join affiliate programs that make you $5 per sale. What I'm telling you here is that you should implement very same idea and strategy that John used.

Many people underestimate the power of small money. Often, the most profitable businesses are those that you are not notice about or you think that they can't make you big money. It may seem like child's play on the surface, but if you think and calculate it carefully, you will find that these small businesses can be more profitable when added up to a large number. So you must learn how to play the game of number. You should learn how to make $5 before you make $500. See you at top!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Affiliate Marketing - The Best Ways To Promote Affiliate Programs

There are many ways to promote affiliate products on the internet. Your budget usually will determine what is the best path to take. If you have money for advertising then pay per click is probably the best option as most banner type advertising is untargeted and does not convert well. There are many pay per click services out there and Google AdWords is the biggest and most popular.
Adwords can offer fast targeted traffic to your sites but remember that you still need to convert this traffic into sales. It is often best to focus on building a list first before you try to sell anything. This is especially important if the product or service you are offering is not a brand name product. Also consider selling products that offer a free trial of some type initially.
Most people are reluctant to spend money on anything unless they are confident it can benefit them. There are many membership type affiliate programs that offer the first month free and if the membership is of high quality then many members will stay beyond the first month. Try to avoid looking to make money right away by hard selling since it usually does not work.
When using adwords the keywords you select are very important so make sure they are very targeted and also try to make your ad groups smaller as this will help to make them more relevant which means a higher click through rate and better quality scores which also means that you may pay less for clicks and get better ad positions. Also make sure your landing pages are relevant to your ads and try to get some of your main keywords in the landing pages as this should also help with the quality score of your account.
Unfortunately most people simply do not have the budget to go with paid advertising so this is where you need to focus on creating a website and promoting it using free tactics. Once you have decided on a niche that gets plenty of searches every month then you need to build a site that is useful and informative. Make sure the content on your site is unique and is created by you. Also make sure to have a 'contact us', 'privacy', 'about us' and 'sitemap' links on your site as this will make it appear more legitimate.
Add content regularly to your site as this will help to improve it in the rankings. Also you need to work on building back links ideally one way back links from as many related sites as possible. You can add your site to as many free directories you can find. Also you can do reciprocal linking where you add links to other sites in exchange for a link from them. Try to place the main keyword you want to rank for in the anchor text of the links as this will help you to rank better for those keywords.
A great way to build one way back links as well as increase traffic levels is by using article marketing. This strategy involves writing original articles and then submitting them to article directories. The benefit is that over time you can get traffic from the article directories and other sites that choose to use your articles since there will usually be around 2 links back to your site at the bottom of each article. Also the ranking of your site can also improve as your link popularity grows.
Remember that building a quality site does take time and give it at least 6 months to even one or two years of consistent effort before your site begins to rank well for competitive terms. However you must remind yourself that a top search engine ranking can deliver significant traffic that can easily replace your day job so it is worth it. Make sure your site is not too full with affiliate links and also consider adding adsense too for additional revenue. Use some of these strategies to help you increase your affiliate income.

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